ASME B18.31.2-2014


Continuous and Double-End Studs (Inch Series)
standard by ASME International, 10/29/2014

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This Standard covers the complete dimensional and general data for continuous thread, flange studs (stud bolts), and double-end inch-dimensioned studs. The following configurations are covered:

Continuous thread stud: studs that are threaded over their complete length.
Flange stud (stud bolt): threaded studs used primarily in applications with flanges covered by ASME B16.5, and made using ASTM A01 bolting materials.
Double-end stud (clamping type ? identical ends): studs with screw threads of the same length and configuration on each end. This type of stud serves the function of clamping two bodies together with a nut on each end.
Double-end stud (tap end type): a stud designed to be installed in a tapped hole and usually with different threaded lengths on each end. For the tap end of the studs, both regular unified threads and interference-fit threads are covered.
Double-end studs of the following body diameters are covered:
(a) Reduced diameter body
(b) Full body

The inclusion of dimensional data in this Standard is not intended to imply that all products described are stock production items. Consumers should consul t w it h suppliers concerning availability of products.

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