ASME PTC 46-2015


Performance Test Code on Overall Plant Performance
standard by ASME International, 10/25/2016

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This Code applies to any plant size. It can be usedto measure the performance of a plant in its normaloperating condition, with all equipment in a clean andfully functional condition. This Code provides explicitmethods and procedures for combined cycle powerplants and for most gas, liquid, and solid fueled Rankinecycle plants. There is no intent to restrict the use ofthis Code for other types of heat cycle power plants,providing the explicit procedures can be met. Forexample, the performance equations and test methodsherein are applicable to the steam cycle portion of asolar plant, or of a nuclear plant steam cycle. Refer toASME PTC 47 for power block thermal performance testprocedures associated with an IGCC plant (IntegratedGasification Combined Cycle).

This Code does not apply to component testing, forexample, gas turbines (ASME PTC 22) or steam turbines(ASME PTC 6 or ASME PTC 6.2) or other individualcomponents. To test a particular power plant or cogenerationfacility in accordance with this Code, the followingmust be met:
(a) a means must be available to determine, througheither direct or indirect measurements, all of the heatinputs entering the test boundary and all of the electricalpower and secondary outputs leaving the test boundary;
(b) a means must be available to determine, througheither direct or indirect measurements, all of the parametersto correct the results from the test to the base referencecondition;
(c) the test result uncertainties should be less than orequal to the uncertainties given in subsection 1-3 for theapplicable plant type; and
(d) the working fluid for vapor cycles must be steam.

This restriction is imposed only to the extent that otherfluids may require measurements or measurement methodsdifferent fromthose provided by this Code for steamcycles.

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